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We are a group of kids from South Florida, ranging in ages from 6 - teen years. We meet weekly for rehearsals and perform special concerts throughout the year. We perform classical music, melodies from musicals, Christmas carols, and traditional American songs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dress Rehearsal and Concert for April 26

Dear Young Artists and Parents,
We are getting close to concert time at the Lake Placid Presbyterian Church at 118 N Oak Ave, LP
Time:  4:00 P.M.  Sunday Suites Concert
We will plan to arrive at the Presbyterian Church at 3:15 P.M.
Dress:  All black  (dressy)
            bow ties and/or black shirts or jackets as usual
Dress Rehearsal will be on our regular rehearsal day, April 23, but will be held at the Presbyterian Church.
Here is the time schedule for that day:
2:00 - set up stage at Presbyterian Church
2:30 - YASO
4:00 - Directions for chair placements and "changing seating" for each group.  YASO JR must be there for this. Hopefully, it won't take all of the 15 minutes allotted.
4:15 - YASO JR
5:00 - done - leave for the Nazarene Church as soon as possible.  Music stands may be left in the bin at the Presbyterian Church to store until Sunday.
5:00 - 5:30  Dinner for all YASO families at the church.  Drinks will be provided.  Bring dish and dessert to share.  If you have any questions about the dinner, you may direct them to Amy Finke.

Immediately after the rehearsal, we will return to the Nazarene Church for an End of the Season Potluck dinner.  I believe you all received that memo from Amy.  I loved it the year you all brought your favorite dishes, including Indian food, Lebanese food, and assorted other dishes.  It might be better to plan dinner closer to 5:30, since the rehearsal will not be at the Nazarene Church. I spoke to Joshua Klatt today concerning the details, and the church will be open to us on that afternoon and the piano will be moved so we can set up for the rehearsal.  You don't need to dress up for this occasion.

This concert will end our orchestra season of rehearsals, hoping to restart in August in preparation for the Christmas Extravaganza.  You have blessed me more than I can say this season.  You sound beautiful and have shown great improvement over the last year.  
Thanks again, parents, for your willing contributions, to make all this happen.  

Love, Diane

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